Archival logic

The term of “archival logic”, is a concept which is correlated with the concept of “source critique”. Both concepts aim to prove the originality and “authenticity” of a source. The “archival logic” is due to the increasing importance of Digital History which may pose some challenges, because one of the two types of archives is in a state of decline. The new archives must store all the data they receive (in every format and quality f. ex. Paper journals; Seals; Deeds and electronic sources), while the production of new sources by an archive is no longer needed. This new “archival logic” has to accept that the manner of archiving sources will change from physical archiving to digital archiving.So we could say that the archival logic as well as the sources and the archives will undergo fundamental changes in the future, as in fact they have undergone already in the recent past.


Fickers, Andreas, Doing History in the Digital Age. Or: How to deal with digital metasources in the age of big data?, Luxemburg 2016, Slide 22.

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