Digital Born Sources (Born Digital Sources or Resources)

“Born-digital resources are items created and managed in digital form.”[i]Ricky Erway is describing that all sources which are a product of the digital age in digital format is a so called digital born source. Examples could be for him: digital photographs and documents, web content, digital manuscripts, electronic records, static data sets, digital art, …The biggest amount of “born-digital” sources or resources have been created in the last twenty years. Mainly websites, blogs, but also videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram or simply tweets, to name just a few ones.[ii]

[i] Erway, Ricky, Defining “Born Digital” OCLC Research. URL: ( consulted 02.03.2016)

[ii] Nanni, Federico, Historical Method and Born-Digital Primary Sources: A Case Study of Italian University Websites. URL: (consulted 02.03.2016)

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