As part of the Digital Humanities Winter School 2016 in the Digital History Lab of University of Luxembourg, the Master students have developed a DH Glossary, with terms discussed along the Digital Source Critique module, given by Prof. Andreas Fickers.

The following students have so far contributed to the project:

  • Aurélia Lafontaine
  • Ben Mahnen
  • Christian Graser
  • Elisabeth Einsweiler
  • Fanny Thill
  • Gilles Avenanti
  • Irina Diana Alexe
  • Jérôme Courtoy
  • Jim Carelli
  • Juliet Fox
  • Maral Biabanpeima
  • Patrick Besch
  • Patrick Quinteira
  • Paul Fonck
  • Sacha Pulli
  • Tobias Gieb

Find hereby the complete list of this glossary, developed collectively by the students on the Moodle platform: