Author: Myrna Tumelero

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Louis de Froment third conductor of the RTL orchestra. Source: WEBER, Loll: Das RTL Symphonie-Orchester von 1958 bis 1996.


After the death of Henri Pensis, the RTL orchestra needed a new conductor and found it in Louis de Froment. The new conductor brought a fresh wind into the orchestra by wiping away the dust from classical pieces it was used to play and playing more modern pieces from compositors like Starvinsky and Ravel for example. He also increased the number from 27 to 78 musicians among the orchestra and invited a lot of foreign musicians to improve his music to perfection.

Then Louis de Froment met a new musical friend: The record. Now the RTL orchestra was able to record a lot of great pieces on disc, but as Louis de Froment stated it will never be the same feeling to listen to the orchestra on a disc than in a life concert. Louis de Froment was a really kind conductor and he loved just to give music to the audience and to all the people all around the world.

Then something special happened to Louis de Froment and the orchestra, they could play on a tv-show called RTL non stop: CLASSIQUE A LA DEMANDE, presented by Philippe Bouvard. Louis de Froment loved the show because the public could decide by a telephone call which pieces the orchestra could play for them. Thanks to Louis de Froment, the RTL orchestra reached musical perfection and all the famous conductors around the world wanted to conduct the RTL orchestra.



Here you can hear the RTL orchestra playing, directed by Louis de Froment

Source: CNA ( The RTL orchestra playing: Final the Symphony no 2, by Jeannot Heinen in 1962, directed by Louis de Froment). Source of the images used in the video: WEBER, Loll: Das RTL Symphonie-Orchester von 1958 bis 1996.


Some words on the record by Louis de Froment’s daughter, Marie José Charles de FROMENT:

Source: University of Luxembourg



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Source: WEBER, Loll:  Das RTL Symphonie-Orchester von 1958 – 1996.


Some words on Louis de Froment

Source: University of Luxembourg, Interview with Marie José Charles de FROMENT




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