Author: Nils Floener

The KB 1 building at the Kirchberg
The history of the Radio Luxemburg started in the Villa Louvigny and continues in the different buildings at the Kirchberg, right in the heart of Luxemburg financial and European centre. In 1991, the headquarter moved from the villa to the newly opened KB 1 building which still serves Radio Luxemburg as the administrative and radio headquarter.

In 1996, a new building opens its doors at the Kirchberg; the new TV centre moved from the Villa Louvigny to the KB 2 building, right in front of the KB1. Television and radio are now together and the Villa Louvigny is sold to the Luxemburgish Governement. These two buildings will from now on broadcast 24 hours 7 days a week their programs to all their listeners.

Since 2014, a new building has been under construction, near the KB 1 and KB 2. This will become in 2016 the new headquarter of RTL Group. It will have a surface of 67000m2 and will have space for 3 TV studios and 18 radio studios. It will replace the ancient buildings.