Welcome to the virtual exhibition on the history of psychiatry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! This exhibition has been curated by the students of the Master in Contemporary European History, in the context of a research seminar on the history of psychiatry in Luxembourg. The project has been realised under the supervision of Benoît Majerus and Dr. Yves De Smet. As an extension of the project, we have prepared a tour of both the capital, Luxembourg City, and the city of Ettelbruck. This can be done either with a guide or on your own. The innovative part of this project is the use of digital tools and the introduction to a new application, CrossCult, allowing the discovery of different sites individually.

The students of the Master in Contemporary European History (2016-18) and its course director, Benoît Majerus. (F.l.t.r.) Otilia Tîra, Jazmin Campbell, Paul Braconnier, Laura Gaul, Claude Roeltgen, Catherine Alberty, Benoît Majerus, Tom Zeimetz, Pit Hess, Paul Toschi, Wenceslas Schommer, André Linden, Kevin Simon, André Ferreira, Sébastien Vecchiato, Valentin Vaguet, Michel Pauly (absent).

Our virtual exhibition is divided into several parts. By clicking on one of those two links below, you will be led to the different points of interest (POI) either from Luxembourg City or from Ettelbruck. These POI are linked as well and, by clicking on them, you will get a detailed explanation of the different places.

Click here for our virtual tour on the history of psychiatry in Luxembourg  Click here for our virtual tour on the history of psychiatry in Ettelbruck

Additionally, we invite you to try out two different tools, which can be used when discovering the cities of Luxembourg and Ettelbruck. Choose either StoryMapJS (Luxembourg or Ettelbruck) or CrossCult (Luxembourg or Ettelbruck) to start your tour now! Click here for further explanation on both tools.

Finally, here below, we included a timeline which gives you a chronological overview of the late events in the history of psychiatry in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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