Unmask a social dilemma together! The problem of psychiatric issues and mental illness remains a taboo subject even today. Since the establishment of the Hospice Central in Ettelbruck in 1855, Luxembourg has introduced a central hospital system to fight this huge social challenge. The city of Luxembourg comprises a lot of buildings and institutions, which bear testimony to the presence of psychiatry in Luxembourg. The aim of this guided tour, which includes the Grund, Pfaffenthal, central station and Gasperich districts, is to have a closer look at different historical structures in order to gain insight into the history of psychiatry in Luxembourg. Our journey through time will start at the city centre, with the centres of power, before moving on to the peripheries to show the marginalisation of the mentally ill in the 19th- and 20th-centuries. The hope is also to use smaller individual stories to help paint the bigger picture of the history of psychiatry. Click here if you wish to have a look at the bibliography of the history of psychiatry in Luxembourg!

Town Hall

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Chamber of Deputies

     Confinements of Luxembourg City 

Plateau du Rham

Hospice Civil

Red Bridge

    Place des Bons Malades

Luxembourg Central Station

Shelter Home of Catherine Theisen

   Train Station of Hollerich

    Centre Abrigado