Recruitment for the post of “Associate Professor/Professor in Digital History”

Organized by: University of Luxembourg, Faculté des Lettres des Sciences Humaines, des Arts, et des Sciences de l’Education
Date and Place: 19.12.2012, Walferdange, University of Luxembourg, Building VI, Room 111
Time: 09h35 – 11h50


09h35 10h05
Dr. Malte REBHEIN “Scientific Visualization and the Study of History”
10h10 10h40 Dr. Frédéric CLAVERT “Reading the historian’s sources in the digital age”
10h45 11h15 Dr. Andreas FICKERS “Original or authentic? The challenge of transmedia storytelling in digital history”
11h20 11h50 Dr. Thomas GROTUM “Digital Archives: The Future of Digital History?”

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