Projection: Les Balkans occidentaux et l’Europe

Organized by: University of Luxembourg, Faculté des Lettres des Sciences Humaines, des Arts, et des Sciences de l’Education
Date and Place: 21.02.2013, Luxembourg, Cinémathèque de la ville de Luxembourg
Time: 20h30 – 23h00

Programme Chaire Jean Monnet en Histoire de l’intégration européenne et du Master en Histoire européenne contemporaine

Projection du documentaire “Réunion”

Norvège, Kosovo (2011), vostang, 72’,  de Jon Haukeland

suivi d’un débat

Quelles perspectives pour le Kosovo?

animé par Belgzim Kamberi

“Réunion” Norvège, Kosovo (2011), vostang, 72′, de Jon Haukeland


In 1999 Serbian military forces and Albanian guerrillas were fighting in Kosovo. Serbs and Albanians lived separated lives. But when their country was on the brink of war, a group of students from Pristina decided to meet their opponents for the first time. Two weeks after the meeting NATO bombed and they all lost track of each other. Ten years later the participants meets again. The conflicts between them are now even stronger. When they watch the film of their last meeting in 1999, they are confronted with their previous self, but it also becomes obvious that the conflict is still, in many ways, the same. Only now the tables are turned.

Les Balkans occidentaux et l’Europe

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