Digital Storytelling

The expression “Digital storytelling “is a relatively new term and has born with the development of computer technology and multimedia elements.

In fact, the term Digital storytelling describes the new practice of ordinary people who use digital tools to share aspects about their experiences in the form of stories about oneself, others, or about the world. However, over the last few years it became as a powerful teaching and learning tool that engaged both teachers and their students.

This human experience but also the cover a range of digital narratives (web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, and narrative computer games), show that of digital storytelling as the modern extension of the ancient art of storytelling, now interwoven with digitized still and moving images and sound. Digital storytelling is evolving from the simple narrated video to forms that are interactive and look better.

Those include websites and online videos created to promote causes, entertain, educate, and inform audiences, who make the History but also some others disciplines easier to understand for a great number of people that don’t have means access complicated academic writings.

For the Digital History research, the Historians need to be able to understand and interpret the codes and conventions of mediated representations of the past.


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