Grey Literature

Grey Literature stands for manifold document types produced on different levels such as levels of government, academics, business and industry. It concerns very specific literature in print and nowadays increasingly in electronic formats protected by intellectual property rights. Therefore it is neither available through usual bibliographic sources nor through normal commercial publication channels such as databases and indexes. In large part, Grey Literature consists of primary literature, mainly of a scientific and technical nature, which has not been peer-reviewed. The validity of such documents has to be judged by the observer himself.

The concept of Grey Literature has gradually emerged over the last decades. Several definitions have been published so far. Whereat the latest scientific definition dated from the Twelfth International Conference on Grey Literature, which took place in Prague in 2010.

Examples of Grey Literature include sources and objects of private collectors containing interesting data, government reports, committee reports, academic papers, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, theses or conference papers.


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