Humanity has always set up scales for their environment. This also applies to the historians and especially to the work with their sources. The concept of scale in the digital humanities was issued by Joshua Sternfeld. In the past the historians could only work with a limited set of data, mainly the sources from their local archives. Although this worked very well, the historians of today are able to extend their research to a much broader dimension. Especially today were we are confronted with big data, we need to find a way to set standards for further research in these fields. Those standards have to be fixed before the start of the research and announced in the final publication. So we can see that this is not a truly new concept by Sternfeld, but he triggered the start of a new discussion, mainly because of the fast development of the digital innovations.

Sternfeld, Joshua, Historical Understanding in the Quantum Age, in: Journal of Digital Humanities, URL: (Page consulted: 06.03.2016).

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