Author: Nils Floener

Villa Louvigny
Radio-Luxembourg – Studio Villa Louvigny – 1934 (postcard: Aloyse Anen Fils, photographer of the Court, rue Beaumont 28, Luxemburg; collection: jmo)

The villa, which changed owners several times since the 19th century, was first a fort build in 1672. It was named after the Spanish general and the officer in charge of the fortress Luxembourg Charles-Chrétien de Landas, lord of Louvigny. The 11th May 1867, during the congress of London, the representatives concluded to grind the fortress.

After the invasion the 10th May 1940 the Wehrmacht occupied the “Villa Louvigny”. In autumn the “Reichsender Berlin” started to transmit news and propaganda all over Luxembourg and the other occupied countries. After the German left the building, the Allied Forces took over and started a psychological war against Nazi Germany.

CLR, owner since 1937, renewed and enlarged the destroyed building for the new radio and television installations of the growing company. In 1952 they began to build a great hall for concerts, especially for the RTL orchestra. In 1996, CLT left the building for Kirchberg, where they had a much more modern and bigger headquarter.